大发体育在线 Facilities in 大发体育在线 (Rion)

The map of the 大发体育在线 Campus of 大发体育在线 is available here.

Main premises

The initial premises of the 大发体育在线 Campus consisted of a complex of 20 small single-floor prefabricated buildings, 390 m? each, built in 1984 within the southwestern part of the plot. From 1972 to 1975 the first two conventional structure buildings were erected, known as Building A and B respectively.

Today, the most important buildings of the 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 are the following:

  • Building A
  • Building B
  • School of Natural Sciences amphitheater complexes
  • Physics Department Building
  • Chemistry Department Building
  • Computer Engineering and Informatics Department Building
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology Department Building
  • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department Building
  • Civil Engineering Department Building
  • 大发体育在线 and Social Work Department Building
  • Chemical Engineering Department Building
  • Biology Department Building
  • Geology Department Building
  • Mathematics Department Building
  • Preclinical Medicine Department Building
  • Clinical Medicine Department Building
  • Prefabricated Buildings Complex
  • Central Library and Information Center Building
  • 大发体育在线 Conference and Cultural Center Building

Other premises

  • Student Residence
  • 大发体育在线 Offices
  • Sports center and stadiums
  • 大发体育在线 Gym
  • Science and Technology Museum
  • UPfm Radio Station
  • 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 Experimental Schools “E. Papanoutsos ”
  • Training and Lifelong Learning Center
  • Property of the 大发体育在线 in Riganokampos
  • 大发体育在线 General Hospital of 大发体育在线

大发体育在线 premises in Agrinio

A map of the 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 premises in Agrinio is available here.

The most important 大发体育在线 premises in Agrinio are the following:

  • Sustainable Agriculture Department Building
  • Food Science and Technology Department Building
  • Departmental Library facilities
  • 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 Library and Information Center

Other premises of the 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线

The 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 also maintains facilities in Koukouli (大发体育在线) and Messolonghi.

A map of the 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 premises in Koukouli (大发体育在线) is available here.

A map of the 大发体育在线 of 大发体育在线 premises in Messolonghi is available here.